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The former Secretary of State is mystified as to why some Americans trust the Russian leader over their government

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized journalist Tucker Carlson for going to Russia to interview President Vladimir Putin. She warned of the presence “Fifth column” In the United States they are supposed to carry out Moscow's orders.

Carlson, a former Fox News anchor, is known for his ambivalent stance on the confrontation between the United States and Russia and the Ukrainian conflict. He was the first American journalist to obtain an interview with Putin since the outbreak of hostilities in February 2022.

“He's a so-called useful idiot.” Clinton told MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner in an interview broadcast on Wednesday, referring to Carlson. She claimed that the Russian media mocked him and compared him to a small dog.

I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out with a contract with a Russian enforcer because he's a useful idiot. He says things that are not true. It echoes Vladimir Putin's litany of lies about Ukraine. I continued.

Clinton described Carlson's visit as a sign of some people's lack of confidence in the United States regarding Washington's positions, which she described as “the truth.”

“Why are some Republicans throwing in their share? Why do other Americans essentially believe Putin? Why did you [Donald] Trump believes Putin more than our 11 intelligence agencies? I was amazed.

The last remark appears to be a reference to a memo issued by the US intelligence community in October 2016, accusing Moscow of stealing Democratic Party emails and leaking them to the public to influence the upcoming elections. Clinton raised this matter during the presidential debates with a skeptical Trump, announcing this “17 intelligence agencies… have all concluded that these espionage attacks, these cyberattacks, are coming from the highest levels of the Kremlin.”

The assessment was released by the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence, but was actually conducted by the CIA, FBI, and NSA. It was not immediately clear why Clinton mentioned 11 agencies instead of 17 in her interview.

Clinton blamed Russian interference for her defeat in the 2016 elections. This narrative was supported by much of the American media, which insinuated that Trump was beholden to Russia.

Speaking to MSNBC, Clinton claimed that there was ” desire [in the US] Leaders who can kill and imprison their opponents destroy the press [and] To live a life of impunity, unrestrained by any laws.

“I find that absolutely terrifying.” she added.

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