Occupation forces attack Indonesian hospital in Gaza before armistice takes effect News

Gaza’s Health Minister Munir Al-Bursh reported that occupying forces attacked Indonesian hospitals in 2017. Gaza Today Friday dawns, hours away from the expected truce in the Gaza Strip.

He added that occupying forces killed one woman, wounded three people and arrested three others during an attack on the hospital, which had witnessed Israeli bombing and siege over the past few days.

Al Jazeera reporters reported that Israel bombed the gates and generators of an Indonesian hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, causing the hospital’s generator to catch fire.

The Gaza Health Ministry explained that the explosion also affected other buildings in the hospital.

Muhammad Zaqout, director of hospitals in the Gaza Strip, confirmed to Al Jazeera in a statement that 250 people remained after occupying forces expelled hundreds of patients from Indonesian hospitals over the past two days. in this hospital.

Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf Kudela told Al Jazeera that the occupying forces were trying to take advantage of the large number of martyrs in the hours leading up to the ceasefire, adding that Israeli occupying forces may target Indonesian hospitals in Gaza during this period, leaving several Hundreds of patients and medical staff are at risk.

During the ongoing aggression against Gaza, the occupying forces have intensified their attacks on hospitals, in particular one hospital recovery The Gaza Strip’s largest medical center came under attack on Saturday, expelling patients, premature babies in incubators and thousands of displaced people who had taken refuge there after Israel bombed their communities.

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