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Pierre Poilievre has been expelled from the Conservative Party after criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's drug policies.

Canadian Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre has been suspended from the House of Commons for a day after calling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “crazy.” “Foolish” During a heated discussion in the room.

During Question Period on Tuesday, Poilievre questioned the premier about his decision last year to allow British Columbia to decriminalize possession of small amounts of hard drugs like fentanyl and heroin. The measure is a three-year pilot program aimed at reducing overdose deaths.

Poilievre criticized the program and called on Trudeau to reverse his decision “Extremist policies that claim the lives of 2,500 British Columbians every year.”

He asked: “When will we put an end to this foolish policy pursued by this foolish Prime Minister?” Poilievre asked, drawing loud applause from his party, as well as an immediate reaction from House Speaker Greg Fergus.

Fergus called out Poilievre's choice of words “unacceptable” I asked him to do that repeatedly “Withdrawal of this term, which is not considered parliamentary.” Poilievre responded that he was willing to replace the floor “Foolish” with “extremist” or “extremist” Instead of just withdrawing the comment.

After back and forth, Fergus decided that it was Poilievre “Disregarding the authority of the chair” He ordered him to leave the hall for the rest of the session. The Conservative leader left, and the majority of his party followed him.

Poilievre lashed out at Fergus later that day on X (formerly Twitter) saying that “Liberal speaker censored” him to “He called Trudeau's hard drug policy crazy.”

Many conservative MPs defended their leader. “Liberal elites are more offended by the term ‘moron’ than overdoses and food bank use.” Rep. Jamil Givani wrote on X. “Trudeau’s policies are far more aggressive than anything being said in the House today.”

Premier Steve McKinnon supported sanctioning Poilievre, arguing that his behavior rose to the level of a threat. “Disregard for our institutions” And involved “Extremist language, sayings and slogans that we have never seen before.”

A year after experimental measures in British Columbia, the issue of drug overdose deaths remains in the public eye. Health officials warn that the situation is getting worse, given the increasing supply of toxic drugs, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation books Tuesday.

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