Over €350K raised for delivery driver who intervened in Dublin knife attack

The stabbing of three children outside a school sparked widespread unrest in the Irish capital on Thursday

More than €350,000 has so far been funded by the grassroots crowd for a Brazilian food delivery driver who helped stop a knife attack in which three children were stabbed in Dublin, an incident that sparked riots in the Irish capital.

Caio Benicio, 43, who immigrated to Dublin last year, used his motorcycle helmet to beat the attacker when he witnessed the violent assault outside a primary school on the outskirts of Dublin’s north inner city on Thursday afternoon. Three children and one adult were injured – Leanne Flynn, a nursery worker in her 30s. A five-year-old girl remains in hospital with serious injuries. Flynn in “Serious but stable” Police said on Saturday that he was in hospital after spending two days in intensive care.

A crowdfunding page on the GoFundMe platform called “Buy Caio Benicio a Pint” had raised more than 350,000 euros ($383,000) as of Sunday afternoon, after Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar praised Benicio and others who intervened. “The real Irish heroes.”

“I didn’t even make a decision, it was pure instinct.” Benicio told Irish publication The Journal on Thursday. “It was all over in seconds. He fell to the ground, I didn’t see where the knife went, and other people intervened.”

he added: “I did what anyone would do. I knew I could use my helmet as a weapon.

The attacker, who has not yet been officially identified by Irish authorities, was also seriously injured in the incident. Local media, citing police sources, reported on Thursday that the suspect was of Algerian origin. Subsequent reports indicated that the man, believed to be in his late 40s, was a naturalized Irish citizen who had lived in the country for two decades.

The incident sparked the worst riots in Dublin in two decades, with hundreds gathering in the city centre, with many expressing anti-immigration sentiments. Many businesses were looted, while many public transportation and police vehicles were set on fire. 34 people have been arrested so far, and authorities have pledged to use CCTV footage to identify more perpetrators.

“They seem to hate immigrants.” Benicio added to the magazine a comment on the disturbance. “Well, I’m an immigrant, and I did what I could to try to save that little girl.”

Benicio was aided in his efforts by a 17-year-old French-trained chef who worked in a Dublin restaurant. He suffered injuries to his hands and face during the struggle, and received a phone call on Friday from French President Emmanuel Macron praising him for his efforts.

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