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A Palestinian official accused BPalestine Liberation Organization, Israel Behaving like a “gang” due to its abuses and revenge against Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons.

Kadula Fares, chairman of the organization’s prisoner affairs committee, said in an interview with Anadolu Agency that the occupying forces’ measures to abuse prisoners in prisons have nothing to do with the state of war or security, but are just for revenge. , was and still is the master of the situation.

He noted that since the battle, Israel al aqsa floods On October 7, it adopted a policy of starving prisoners and confiscating belongings, blankets, mattresses and pillows.

Since October 7, Israeli troops have been… bank of the west include a city Jerusalem According to the agency responsible for prisoner affairs, some 3,000 Palestinians were arrested during the occupation, in addition to more than 5,000 previous detainees.

This coincided with a devastating and ongoing war… Gaza StripThe attack killed more than 13,300 martyrs, including more than 5,600 children and 3,550 women, and injured more than 31,000 people, 75 percent of whom were children and women, according to the Gaza government media office.

Kadura Fares: Six prisoners have been killed in prisons since October 7, Israel is starving prisoners and confiscating their belongings and blankets (Anatolia)

physical attack

Fales noted that the “most dangerous” were the physical attacks on prisoners, with about 10 guards beating them on various parts of their bodies with batons, regardless of their health or age.

He added that guards can abuse prisoners and no guard will be held accountable, investigated or investigated if one of them is killed.

He added, “The Israeli government has freed the hands of prison units who, for the first time in the history of the prisoner movement, have brought machine guns into prisons.”

Kadula noted that inmates had a feeling they were being lured into group confrontations in order to justify shooting and killing them.

He noted that six prisoners had been killed in occupied prisons since October 7, stressing that all these violations showed that Israel and its institutions must give up statehood because they behave like a gang.

punitive policy

Fales noted that prison cells were filled with detainees without mattresses or blankets, and as winter set in, some of them slept on the floor.

He explained that there were about 10 inmates in each room, which could accommodate six people, and the food provided was only enough for two people, noting that most of the prisoners had lost 5 to 10 kilograms in weight. As of October 7, it is prohibited to shave your head or chin.

He said any prisoner who objected to something was segregated and beaten, adding, “Some prisoners had broken bones and injuries but were not given any treatment, including 15 stitches, and were not given painkillers or wound disinfectants. prisoner.”

Fares said one of the punitive policies is for the Bureau of Prisons to confiscate all property, books, photos and memories of inmates and throw them in the trash.

Videos have repeatedly circulated on social media pages showing Israeli authorities treating prisoners by beating, humiliating and stripping them naked. “This is the soldiers’ own records, all of which are collected and delivered to international agencies, ambassadors and consuls to expose Israeli practices and stop these violations,” Fares said. “

international silence

And about a situation International Committee of the Red Cross “We are disturbed by the international committee’s silence,” the Palestinian official said.

He added, “We told them that since Israel is preventing you from carrying out your duty, you must speak out and make a statement explaining who is stopping you, or you must leave and declare that your presence is not needed because Israel is preventing you from carrying out your mission. .”

He emphasized that the Red Cross’s explanatory statement may attract international public opinion and bring pressure to Israel, but the International Committee has so far remained silent.

Regarding the prisoners in the Gaza Strip, Fares said, “Israel is keeping this matter secret because there is no relevant information. This is the behavior of this gang and may have ulterior motives, such as subjecting Gaza prisoners to severe punishment.” Investigation. , then killed them, claiming they were killed on the battlefield and keeping their bodies. “

Palestinian officials have called on the international community to urgently learn the fate of prisoners in the Gaza Strip.

He noted that information he had received regarding a prisoner exchange agreement between Hamas and Israel would include an end to all violations of prisoners by Israel.

“Israel should release male and female prisoners and end all forms of oppression suffered by detainees,” he said.

Since the war broke out on October 7, the Israeli authorities have launched Operation “Aqsa Flood” against settlements and tightened the conditions of detention for Palestinians. Gaza cover Israel has launched a war against the Gaza Strip, destroying neighborhoods above its inhabitants and killing and injuring tens of thousands of civilians.

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