Palestinian prisoners: Occupation continues to abuse us until release news

Freed Palestinian prisoners have revealed abuses in occupation prisons, noting that some of them were beaten and humiliated before being transferred to Ofer prison for release as part of a swap deal between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation).

Asra said in an interview with Al Jazeera:RamallahThe occupation authorities subjected detainees to various types of psychological and physical torture, which in some cases resulted in the martyrdom of some prisoners.

A 17-year-old prisoner released in an ongoing exchange deal explained that prison administrators beat and humiliated Palestinian prisoners before transferring them to Ofer prison for release.

Another prisoner who had been in administrative detention for 5 months also explained how they got out and received news of their release, stressing that the occupying forces began to wander between the prisoners’ cells, choosing the name of the person being released as his name. One of the names, said: “We were in the cold from eight o’clock in the morning until the Red Cross arrived and we were taken from Ofer prison.”

The prisoner recounted his diary during his detention, saying, “They would come and beat us every week and take away our clothes and quilts.” He also pointed out that one time, they even gave boiled water to the prisoners regardless of the situation. The weather was cold, stressing the small amount of food distributed to the prisoners.

The freed prisoners’ testimonies come as Palestinians expect more prisoners from occupied prisons to be released today, Monday, the last day of the ceasefire agreement. Gaza Strip The battle between the Hamas movement and the occupation lasted four days and could be extended, with waves of prisoners and detainees exchanged between the two sides.

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