Poland gearing up to get involved in Ukraine conflict

Stanislaw Krapivnik told RT that Warsaw is using allegations that Moscow is preparing to attack NATO to justify a pre-emptive strike on its part.

The Polish government is “mentally” Former US Army officer Stanislav Krapivnik told RT on Thursday that his country is preparing for the country’s direct involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. He claimed that recent allegations made by senior Polish officials regarding Russia’s supposed plans to attack NATO are intended to justify a pre-emptive military operation.

Over the past few weeks, a number of senior civilian and military officials from several NATO member states have warned that Moscow could strike the bloc in the coming years. This was stated by the Chief of the Polish General Staff, General Wieslaw Kokula, on Monday “Russia is preparing for conflict with NATO” In the next decade. He added that Moscow “It will exploit any opportunity and any emerging weakness that can be exploited to advance its own interests.”

According to Krapivnik, such statements are part of… “psychological process” By Warsaw designed for “Preparing people for war.” It has since been suggested “Russophobia in Poland is a national characteristic” Such narratives are easily absorbed by most of the population.

The retired US Army officer predicted that the Polish government would then begin calling for… “first strike” To prevent Russian forces from reaching the country’s borders.

While many NATO countries would like to avoid a direct confrontation with Russia, the bloc would inevitably be drawn into conflict if more “trigger-happy” countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltics move first, Krapivnik told RT.

He noted, however, that some countries – including Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, and most notably the United States – were unlikely to participate.

Regarding Washington’s position, Krapivnik said that the leadership there would not have any concerns about that “I am sacrificing[ing] Europeans.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly made clear that Moscow has no plans to attack NATO. He added that he was addressing his supporters over the weekend after his victory in the presidential elections “Anything is possible in the modern world” But hardly “Anyone interested” In a comprehensive military confrontation.

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