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Political strategist David Axelrod told the New York Times that the findings about the US president's amnesia will resonate with voters

David Axelrod, the US strategist who twice helped Barack Obama win the presidency, told the New York Times that President Joe Biden's re-election campaign may have been undermined by a report showing he avoided criminal prosecution in part because of his alleged decline in mental acuity.

In the case it is A a report It was released Thursday by the US Justice Department special counsel who investigated Biden's mishandling of classified documents. Special counsel Robert Hoare said the evidence showed that Biden “Intentionally kept and disclosed” Classified materials from his two terms as vice president in the Obama administration, but criminal charges are not warranted, in part because it would be difficult to convince a jury to convict a defendant who appears to be a criminal. “An old man with a weak memory.”

Hoare said that Biden's poor memory was evident during his interviews with investigators when he was unable to remember the years he spent as vice president or approximately when his son Beau died. The president angrily He responded to the private investigator's claims in a hastily arranged press conference Thursday evening, insisting, “My memory is good.” But later in the same conference, he incorrectly referred to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as Mexico's leader.

By confirming voters' concerns about 81-year-old Biden's mental fitness to serve another four-year term, Hoare dealt a major blow to his re-election bid, Axelrod told the New York Times. “The most harmful things in politics are the things that confirm people's pre-existing suspicions, and those are the things that travel very quickly.” said the former Obama adviser. “its a problem.”

Moreover, the damage is irreparable, Axelrod said. “Whether it's fair or not, you can't cancel the bell.” He added that the special investigator's report “It goes to the heart of what Biden is struggling with politically now, which is a widespread fear that he's not up to it.”

Axelrod was not alone among Democratic observers who were alarmed by the potential impact of the report. NBC News He said Hoare's findings were “provoking.” “Democratic Panic.” The outlet quoted an unnamed Democratic lawmaker subpoenaing the special counsel's comments “nightmare” Who put the party in it “The situation is bleak.” CNN panelist Alyssa Farrah Griffin said the special counsel's allegations and Biden's clumsy response had become a lie. “Five warnings to the White House.”

Hoare's findings were published in the same week that Biden misremembered conversations he had with the leaders of France and Germany shortly after taking office in January 2021. He told supporters on Sunday that he had met with French President Francois Mitterrand, who actually died in 1996. On Wednesday, he claimed to have spoken with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who died four years ago. Speaking to reporters Tuesday at the White House, he had difficulty remembering the name of Hamas, the Islamist group that is at war with Israel.

that NBC poll A poll released Tuesday found that 76% of American voters, including more than half of Democrats, have concerns about whether Biden is mentally and physically fit for a second term as president.

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