Roster of Chiefs: Brett Fitch eyes ‘diversity’ as roster cut draws nearer

Just days after several players on the sidelines of the Kansas City Chiefs roster walked out during Saturday’s final game of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs. Cleveland BrownsThey will have to wait and see if they will be one of the 53 players who will start the 2023 regular season as members of the squad.

Perhaps the only people whose anxiety rivals theirs are those who make the decisions: Kansas City general manager Brett Fitch and head coach Andy Reid. Neither of them is looking forward to the very difficult task that they must complete by 3pm stock time on Tuesday.

“This is the hardest day, when you have to make the cuts,” Reid admitted to reporters after the game on Saturday. “Because these guys have wrecked their tails through the OTAs – and then through training camp. Then they can’t all be here, unfortunately.”

However, this wouldn’t be the first time for Reid or Fitch. In his sixth off-season, the young general manager has developed some roster-building rules.

“Once we get to the final cuts, it’s the diversity of positions and special teams that plays a role,” Fitch explained to Ari Wolf and Trent Green during Saturday’s game broadcast. “Looking for players in certain positions is one thing, but we’re really committed to keeping the best players and allowing for that.”

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Regardless of experience in the system, past performance or development potential, Veach wants the most talented players for his team – and he places great importance on the battles for the individual positions.

Heading into Saturday’s game, one of those battles has been at the bottom of the running back depth chart. Rookie Deneric Prince and veteran Lamichael Perrin both had opportunities to prove themselves – but once again, Perrin was noticeably more impressive.

“I liked what I saw,” Reed said. New York Jets’ 2020 fourth-round pick. “He did a good job, played really well. Good balance. We know he can catch really well, and he seems to see everything very clearly.”

Wide receiver Justin Ross also continued his impressive pre-season Sunday, catching a first-half touchdown while Veach was on the air with Wolfe and Green.

“Last year, our coaching staff did a great job getting him back and giving him the time he needs,” Fitch of Ross recalls of his recovery from foot surgery. “I think it’s halfway through OTA that I’m really starting to see it work.

“He’s starting to get that confidence and that self-belief back. And it’s continued through training camp. So we’re definitely expecting big things from Justin this year.”

Denny Medley – USA Today Sports

Veach’s predictions align with several roster predictions that predict the Chiefs may hold as many as seven wide receivers — including Ross, who could step into a role similar to the one Jodi Fortson has held in recent seasons.

Veitch isn’t afraid to place first-year players in important roles.

“We knew last year that we are now in a situation where we are going to be very dependent on these guys to come and help us,” he noted. “It’s a long season. Last year we had a group of talented players who joined us and got better and better. By the end of the season in Asian Championship And powerThese guys (were) doing big plays.

“I think early on, we saw there was a group of these guys who could come in and help us right away. We also know it’s going to be a long season, and we just hope our coaching staff do a great job. – as they do – and keep getting these guys better and better.”

If players like Ross, Perine, or rookie receiver Rashee Rice become key players for the Chiefs, it will be just the latest wave of newcomers Veach has acquired to help the team in the short and long term.

Veach probably values ​​talent over everything else when building his roster.

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