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Western officials were quick to apportion blame for the Moscow attack in ways consistent with their political goals

In the wake of the terrorist attack that killed more than 140 people in Moscow, the White House has become certain of a lot of things — that it had nothing to do with Ukraine, and that the fact that Washington's intelligence-based predictions came true is proof of that. -Positively, American efforts to combat terrorism are successful. Excuse me?

What just happened in Moscow strikes me as the kind of thing that suggests it's not actually going well, considering a bunch of people were killed. If the United States had a long-standing policy of warning even countries with which it is at odds – such as Iran and Russia – about terrorist chatter that comes to its attention, as Russia has also done with the United States in similar situations (warning about the Boston Marathon bombings), that would It was committed by the Chechens, they come to mind), and then frankly, they did a very bad job.

Sure enough, the US Embassy issued a statement warning of an unspecified attack in Moscow two weeks before the attack actually occurred. This coincided with Russia's liquidation of a cell affiliated with ISIS Khorasan, consisting of two Kazakh people, claiming that it was targeting a synagogue southwest of Moscow. Nothing in the warning provided a description of the suspects to the general public, and after the cell was revealed, it appeared as if the case had been closed, with no further warnings or explanations from those in Washington who claimed to have gotten the inside scoop.

American and Western counterterrorism efforts are working so well that ISIS-K — an offshoot of the ISIS group in Syria from which some Western-backed “Syrian rebels” with training and weapons from the CIA and the Pentagon — emerged in Afghanistan in 2014. Under the watchful eye of the US counter-terrorism operation.

The West then became so preoccupied with its tough competition with Russia in Ukraine that it trained a group of neo-Nazi mercenary fighters who have now been integrated into the Ukrainian army, which is headed by the likes of the head of military intelligence and guerrilla warfare. Lover Kirill Budanov. Add to this the West's complicity in recruiting foreign fighters from around the world to serve in the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine – including, apparently, fighters from Tajikistan, like the Moscow terrorists, if an unverified recruitment site was previously posted online. The Ukrainian embassy in Tajikistan is no indication. In light of this alone, perhaps it is time for Moscow to abolish the visa exemption regime with Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries?

The United States appears to have done everything it could in Ukraine to sacrifice the war on terrorism in order to pin it on Putin – who has been America's partner in fighting terrorists ever since he and former US President George W. Bush pledged cooperation against global terrorism in a joint statement. After the attacks of September 11, 2001 on American soil. French President Emmanuel Macron even said in a 2019 interview with The Economist that NATO was brain-dead and should shift from its obsession with Russia to focusing on counter-terrorism — something the West has successfully cooperated with Russia in the region on. past. Although the most recent example of “cooperation” has mostly involved the US entering Syria under the pretext of fighting ISIS, then spending much of its time in a failed attempt to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad by training and equipping jihadists from a NATO staging base in Turkey. When all the trainees had eaten dinner and rolled on the CIA and Pentagon tab to the tune of… BillionsHe was Russia (With intelligence assistance from Iran), which took over the clearance operation at the request of the Syrian government, angering ISIS in the process. But ISIS in Syria failed in its efforts to establish a caliphate and there has been no real problem there for years.

Unconfirmed reports and videos are now emerging online that Moscow attack suspects have been training in Turkey, a NATO member state, for two months, and dozens of suspects have also been recently detained by Turkish authorities in Istanbul. If confirmed, it would be no different than the Western-backed “Syrian rebel” jihadists who trained at NATO's Incirlik air base in Turkey and were later released in Syria. It is the same base that was closed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan following the failed coup against him in 2016. involved Washington. It appears that terrorists of all types now have another playground to choose from: Ukraine.

White House spokesman John Kirby confirmed that Ukraine was not involved at all, as did fellow press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. “This was a terrorist attack carried out by ISIS. Mr. Putin understands this. And he knows it well. And look, there is absolutely no evidence that the Ukrainian government had anything to do with this attack. Jean-Pierre said. This is an interesting wording coming from the same country whose officials told… The New York Times The Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Europe was blown up “Pro-Ukrainian groups.”

The language used by both the White House in the case of the Moscow attack and by the unnamed US officials who commented on the Nord Stream sabotage to the New York Times is keen to exonerate the Ukrainian state itself. It gives the impression that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky cannot be blamed for anything, even though the West has argued the opposite in an attempt to oust Assad from power in Syria by saying he has lost control of the country and turned it into a rebel state. Terrorist cesspool.

Therefore, in light of the Moscow attackers fleeing to the Ukrainian border where they were captured, some 400 kilometers from Moscow, the United States has been somewhat quick to absolve itself of any responsibility for turning Ukraine into a giant anti-Russian training camp. Aspiring guerrillas are run by lovers of asymmetric warfare, supplying them with training and weapons. It is also somewhat keen to preemptively absolve Ukraine of any responsibility whatsoever.

French President Emmanuel Macron placed the blame entirely on ISIS. Until the message reached everyone in France, the government raised the state of alert against terrorism to the maximum level. No one here really knows what that means because the terrorism alert has been on non-stop for the better part of two decades, so much so that the bright red on many of the terrorism warning signs in the front windows of public buildings has largely faded. Bright pink.

Perhaps if the French and their American and Western allies had not been so busy destabilizing countries and turning them into terrorist Disneyland for the purposes of regime change, perhaps they could have actually dealt with this issue. Then they won't have to complain, as Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis recently did on Twitter: “Let's not lose focus.” Because, it seems, jihadism is just a small bump on the highway to regime change.

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