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Yesterday, Thursday, the Swiss-based Center for International Sports Studies (CIES) published its annual list of the world's 100 most valuable footballers, measured by the financial value of transfer deals rather than the market value of players.

Englishman and Spanish Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham tops the list with a net worth of around €268 million, ahead of other stars in the tournament, most notably Norwegian Erling Haaland He is Manchester City's top scorer and ranks second. Valued at over €251 million.

Bellingham's Real Madrid teammate Brazilian Vinicius is in third place with over €250 million, while Paris Saint-Germain forward Frenchman Kylian Mbappe does not make the top twenty.

Mbappe’s situation is surprising

Despite speculation surrounding his future, Kylian Mbappe ranks 27th with a transfer value of over €106 million. According to Intercentre, the French star's surprising ranking is due to the fact that his contract with PSG expires next year. summer.

Despite his lower ranking, the 2018 France national team world champion and 2017 Golden Boy award winner is still the most valuable player in the French league, with an estimated worth of €180 million, according to FIFA. Transfer market website.

Criteria for selecting players

To measure the transfer value of stars around the world, statisticians from the International Sports Research Center used a statistical algorithm created by examining more than 6,000 previous transfer deals from various world championships.

These are the approved indicators and standards:

  • The value of the previous transaction.
  • Player age.
  • Contract period.
  • A player's performance at his current club.

Taking into account his youth (20 years old), the fact that his long-term contract with Real Madrid expires in 2029, and his outstanding performances this season, the England international's transfer value is expected to have exploded since joining from Germany last summer. Bellingham, who is worth 103 million euros since joining Dortmund, has only scored 17 goals and contributed 5 assists in 22 games.

The England international also won the 2023 Golden Boy Award, proving his status both in the “Merengue” team and the “Three Lions”.

List of top 10 expected transfer amounts

  1. Englishman Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid, Spain): €267.5 million.
  2. Norwegian Erling Haaland (Manchester City, England): €251.2 million.
  3. Brazilian Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid): €250.3 million.
  4. Brazilian Rodrygo (Real Madrid): €247.9 million.
  5. Englishman Bukayo Saka (Arsenal): 223 million euros.
  6. Englishman Phil Foden (Manchester City): €195.9 million.
  7. Spaniard Garvey (Barcelona, ​​Spain): €175.4 million.
  8. Argentinian Julian Alvarez (Manchester City): €164.7 million.
  9. German Jamal Musiala (Bayern Munich): 152.4 million euros.
  10. Norwegian Martin Odegaard (Arsenal): €150.6 million.

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