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This iPhone 15 rumor could solve iPhone 14 battery issues — here’s why

It seems that iPhone 14 users are not satisfied with the longevity of the phone’s battery, as after less than a year of use, many owners have reported that their maximum capacity has already been affected (via the edge). Apple Track Sam Cole He claims on Twitter that his smartphone has already reached 90% after less than a year, while the Wall Street Journal Joanna Stern It has already reached 88%. It’s easy to understand why users might be unhappy with this, as a decrease in maximum capacity means that battery life will gradually decrease between charges.

However, Apple officially claims that iPhones are “designed to retain up to 80% of their original capacity at 500 full charge cycles,” meaning these reports fall within expectation. But the rumors swirling around the iPhone 15 could be great news for those who are feeling anxious in response to these concerns, as a 3nm architecture could have huge implications for battery life.

The iPhone 15 rumor could be huge for battery life

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