U.S. analysts: Netanyahu is the biggest threat to Biden's re-election

U.S. strategic analyst Paul Piller says most of the effects of the Gaza war will be negative for the U.S. president Joe Biden This was of his own making, as he immediately and unconditionally supported the Israeli Prime Minister's government Benjamin Netanyahu “Israel didn't back down when he started killing and destroying people Gaza Strip Hurt civilians in an indescribable way.

Peeler, who has worked in the U.S. intelligence community for 28 years, believes that Biden “has now become a partner in creating the world's greatest human disaster in more than half a century. All his efforts to contain the Netanyahu government have also failed.” He lost the support he needed from the majority of Democratic supporters. “Thanks for her active support of his bid to win a second term as president in the upcoming election. “

In an analysis published in The National Interest, Piller said one of the most important impacts of these events was “a blow to U.S. interests that has become painful as anger and resentment against the United States grows.” .” The “international” is increasingly isolated at the diplomatic level.

internal problems

For the Israeli side, U.S. analysts mentioned that Netanyahu himself faces many internal political problems, indicating that the process… al aqsa floods The actions carried out by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) “destroyed the image of Israel as a security man that he had tried to portray for years, and the destruction of that image was reflected in the opinion polls conducted after the Hamas attacks that he and Liku The German bloc’s approval ratings have plummeted.”

He continued, “In order to prevent the situation from deteriorating and save his political standing, Netanyahu insists on continuing the disastrous war in Gaza, killing and destroying civilians in unspeakable ways and ignoring U.S. instructions to curb its military operations calls for a political solution that would allow Palestinians self-determination.”

He noted that “even if Netanyahu cannot regain his former image as a security agent, he can present himself as a staunch opponent of any establishment of a Palestinian state.”

As for the impact of Netanyahu’s policies on U.S. domestic politics and the erosion of Biden’s political standing, Peeler believes this is “an added benefit to Netanyahu if he sees… Donald Trump Biden lost the US presidential election scheduled for November 2024. “

Peeler said that while Biden bowed to Netanyahu in a show of support for Israel, the bow was compared to former President Trump’s gifts to Israel, including moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to the Occupied Jerusalem, recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan, etc. are incomparable.” Highlands, and proposed a peace plan that would make Palestinians “perpetually subservient to Israel rather than granting them an independent state.”

The American analyst concluded, “Given the atrocities committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip, this hypothetical position does not suit Biden. If Biden loses the upcoming election, there will be many reasons for this, but one of them is He embraces Netanyahu’s dislike of U.S. interests and Biden’s political ideas,” the author said.

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