Retired French colonel predicts 'the end of Israel' is coming

In light of the events that Gaza has experienced since the “Aqsa Flood” on October 7, 2023, a former soldier of the French army has predicted the imminent demise of the State of Israel.

Retired French Army colonel Alain Corvay said in a video clip on social media that “the tragic events that are happening now… Palestine This is the beginning of the end Israel.The brutal massacre uprooted the people of Gaza, and even bank of the west “This shows that there is no future for this country that has been outlawed since its inception.”

He added: “Not only that, but its end is now very near, as it is clear that after world opinion shifted from pro-Israel to pro-Palestine, the demand for a Palestinian state has become unbearably delayed and this Palestinian state cannot Existing adjacent to the State of Israel.” “The coexistence of two states in these lands is now completely impossible.”

“Israeli propaganda has tried to portray Hamas as a terrorist movement from the beginning,” Korvitz said during an appearance on the talk show. A clip from the show was posted on the TikTok platform in early November last year.

He added: “I don't want to go back to the details, but I say this is turning the truth on its head because the terrorists are Israelis and this is what they have done since 1947. We know the details of their behavior and treatment since they were given at the United Nations They have not stopped exerting control, oppression and massacre against Palestinians since they settled in their land.”


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He continued: “As an expert in geopolitical thinking, I say that the heroic resistance of the Palestinians to the fascist Nazi regime in Israel is a catalyst that will reshuffle the cards around the world. With this new conflict, we will move into a multipolar The world will end under the control of the United States and the Zionists in Tel Aviv.”

Kolvez denounced the dominance of Israel and the United States in the current conflict in all European media, saying: “If the Western world is pathetic today, it is because it has been occupied and occupied by the Zionist and American powers. Controlled for a while.”

He added: “I believe today that the Palestinian struggle to undo 75 years of injustice is a fundamental factor that will push other oppressed peoples, albeit to a much lesser extent than the Palestinians, to break away from the establishment created by the Palestinians government.” A technocratic elite that owns billions of dollars and controls all media, so much so that France and other European channels began to repeat a phrase that Israel has the right to defend itself. “

He emphasized, “Therefore, we must face this unfair behavior by the European media and governments, which distort the facts in favor of the United States and Israel. I am not only afraid, but I know that Israel's behavior since 1948 can achieve whatever No matter how the international community reacts, they will not stop.”

The general concluded his speech by saying: “The United States is losing control of the world, and they know it, and they will stop at nothing to maintain it, as will the Israelis in Palestine.”

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