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The expatriate was targeted by activists because of her social media posts about the elections

London property broker Egri has sacked one of its agents following complaints from a Ukrainian activist, who claimed she should be punished for voting for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The three-day elections in Russia saw Putin win 87% of the votes, according to the official tally published on Monday. Russians living abroad were also able to cast their votes at embassies and consulates, including in the UK.

The queue outside the embassy in London caught the attention of Nazar Simik, who lives in the UK and describes himself as a buyer of equipment for the Ukrainian army.

“Not all Russians are oppositionists” child books on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday. “There are also female artists like Yulia Vorobyova. She openly voted for Putin while living in London. Do you know what happens to war supporters?

A follow-up post showed what Smyk claimed were screenshots of Vorobyova's Instagram, in which she said she was on her way to cast her vote at the embassy despite the rain.

When the Western media thinks that we (Russian people) do not vote for Putin. Well, we do!” said one of the captions of the screenshots. “mission accomplished,” said another.

Smyk then posted her employer's address along with a phone call “Show Yulia what she should be responsible for.”

When Vorobyova made her account private, Smyk called her “ “Stupid c**t” He said it was too late. “We will curse you and the company you work for.” he added.

On Tuesday, Smyk published a letter he received from Egri, revealing Vorobyova's dismissal.

“We recently learned that one of our consulting agents, Yulia, posted a pro-war message on social media.” The company said. “Yulia is no longer associated with our company.”

child He also said He spoke with Malik Egri and that “In order to demonstrate its pro-European stance, the company will donate funds to meet the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians through the British-Ukrainian Fund.” In addition to vetting any new employees – to ensure they are not Russians with disapproved political beliefs.

After Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine in February 2022, the United States and its allies moved to ban Russian officials. the plants, the animals, Artists And even certain letters Alphabet, all in an attempt to show their support for the government in Kiev.

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