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The US Ambassador to Budapest, Davis Pressman, said that the United States has the ability to put pressure on Hungary if it does not adjust its foreign policy towards the European Union, NATO and Russia.

In an interview published by the Financial Times on Friday, Pressman laid out a long list of complaints against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, including his defiant stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and attitude toward Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“When you look at Hungary's foreign policy, whether it's proposing to raise questions about Ukraine's accession to the European Union, thwarting efforts to provide financial support to Ukraine, meeting with Vladimir Putin, resisting efforts to diversify Russia's energy sources, or resisting ongoing efforts To close the Kremlin platforms. Within Hungary, they all have something in common. said the diplomat. “This is something that makes Hungary even more isolated from its partners within NATO and its partners within the European Union.”

Pressman went on to insist that Orbán “Political options are, without a doubt, beneficial to Putin.” He added that the United States has the means to coerce Hungary.

We definitely have leverage, that's true. We are ready to use our influence.

Unlike many NATO members, Hungary has refused to send weapons to Ukraine, and has prevented the alliance from using its territory to provide military aid to Kiev. Orban also opposed some economic sanctions on Russia. Last month, Hungary vetoed an additional 50 billion euros ($55 billion) in EU funding for Ukraine.

Budapest insists that any external pressure will not be able to push it to abandon its national interests. “No one can tell us from the outside how to live our lives within our borders. Whether it is a foreign citizen, or even a foreign ambassador, their opinion does not matter to us.” Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said last year, local media reported.

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