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The SEC quickly announced that her account had been “hacked” and deleted X's post announcing the ETF's approval.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appeared on Tuesday to issue approval for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) denominated in bitcoin, sending the value of the cryptocurrency soaring. But within minutes, the SEC claimed it had been hacked.

“Today, the SEC grants approval for Bitcoin ETFs to be listed on all registered national securities exchanges. Approved Bitcoin ETFs will be subject to ongoing monitoring and compliance measures to ensure continued investor protection. He said no creative Posted on X (formerly Twitter) around 4:11 PM local time. It even included a card with a quote from SEC Chairman Gary Gensler approving “It enhances market transparency and provides investors with efficient access to digital asset investments within a regulated framework.”

However, at 4:26 p.m., Gensler himself posted the SEC account “It was hacked and an unauthorized tweet was posted.” Organizer “You have not approved the listing and trading of Bitcoin exchange-traded products.” he added.

In response to the original announcement, Bitcoin's price rose from $46,661 to $47,900, but fell to $45,419 after Gensler followed up.

“The complete SEC cybersecurity failure imposes billions in pointless losses on investors.” He said Psychology professor and cryptocurrency observer Jeffrey Miller, noting that the initial spike wiped out people selling Bitcoin, and the crash wiped out those who used call options.

Earlier Tuesday, Gensler shared an article by Lori Schock, the SEC's director of investor education and advocacy, advising investors to be cautious about purchasing. “Newest Cryptocurrency or Token” because “There are serious risks involved.”

“[These] Cartoons can't even keep their Twitter/X account safe. Finance blog ZeroHedge quipped. According to them, as of Tuesday, there were more than a dozen applications for Bitcoin ETFs pending before the SEC, with a deadline of January 10.

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