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The Washington Post stated that the Secretary of State Antony Blinken He arrived in Israel this week with a message to Israeli leaders to “ease Israel's suffering.” Gaza and plan for its future,” the President said Joe Biden Through his rhetoric and material support for Israel, he hopes to influence Israeli leaders to move beyond their anger and desire to rid Gaza of “terrorists” and toward vital humanitarian aid. “

According to the newspaper, the Americans are seeking measures that include reducing civilian deaths, improving conditions for displaced Palestinians, and planning a postwar system that provides dignity to Israelis and Palestinians and lays the foundation for a Palestinian state not governed by Islam. Resistance Movement (agitation).

The newspaper detailed the devastation in the stricken Gaza Strip after Israel dropped tens of thousands of bombs, ammunition and artillery shells on the strip, martyring more than 23,000 residents, killing 85 percent of them. Displaced, approximately 70% of homes, half of buildings and roads were destroyed, and hospitals, schools and remaining infrastructure were demolished.

Still, as the newspaper noted, the effectiveness of Israeli military strikes in disrupting the Hamas movement remains unknown, despite Israeli officials claiming they have destroyed its military capabilities in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli officials said they were reducing fighting despite intense military operations as Palestinians fled to central and southern Gaza, while Hamas continued to detain more than 100 Israelis who were released along with the Israelis. An end to Hamas rule in Gaza is a prerequisite for any realistic ceasefire, the newspaper reported.

Under pressure from the United States, Israel has allowed aid to cross its border with Gaza in addition to its southern border with Egypt.

But after rescue trucks were attacked while crossing the Gaza Strip, there is still an urgent need to prioritize the entry of more rescue trucks and ensure the safety of those responsible for rescue operations in Gaza.

However, as the Washington Post believes, these are short-term measures, and in the long term, Gaza will need to be rebuilt not only on a physical level, but also on a political and social level.

Therefore, Israel must now recognize that there is no reasonable, long-term solution with the Palestinians that does not include the establishment of a Palestinian state, after all other approaches, including direct occupation, siege and various forms of limited Palestinian autonomy, have failed. .

The US newspaper concluded that President Biden, Israel, Arab states and all other actors must work to give the people of Gaza hope that they can emerge from the ruins better, otherwise the consequences of despair will of course be ugly .

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