Watch…Qassam releases second batch of Israeli detainees | News


broadcast Qassam Brigade -The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) – A video captures the delivery of the second batch of Israeli detainees in the Gaza Strip Gaza to a team International Committee of the Red Cross Under a prisoner exchange agreement with Israel.

Five women and eight children, as well as four foreigners outside the agreement, were handed over in exchange for the release of 39 Palestinian women and children held in Israeli-occupied prisons.

Some Israeli detainees, women and children were shown saying goodbye to Qassam militants with smiles on their faces.

The second batch of supplies was released shortly before midnight, hours ahead of the second day of Saturday’s truce in the Gaza Strip yesterday afternoon, after the Qassam Brigades announced it was delaying operations until occupation forces adhere to a standard exchange deal.

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