From the rotting wounds, worms grew… the wounded in Gaza

Gaza- There were groans of pain in the corridors and on the bed, and there were no painkillers, no medicines in the hospital, and no bandages to treat deep wounds. Gaza Strip.

The injured Imad Nassar, breathing heavily, said: “We arrived last night from Kamal Adwan Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip to the Al-Nasser Medical Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip and experienced pain that we cannot imagine or endure. They That brought us to the Gaza Strip in those days.” After the armistice ended, hospitals were besieged and bombed due to a lack of doctors or nurses, and my wounds rotted and bugs grew in them. ”

As for the mother of the injured Tito Massoud, no words could help her and nothing could ease her pain because, as she described, she saw the joy of her liver and the possibility of losing her feet at any time. “, “My son’s foot condition is normal and treatable, but the condition worsened because doctors forcibly left Kamal Hospital and failed to provide follow-up treatment. ” The threatened offensive was occupied and bombed by Israel.

Health department suspends services

Dr. Noor al-Din Khatib said: “Hundreds of cases arrived at the Nasser Medical Hospital in Khan Younis from Kamal Adwan Hospital and Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip. Most of these cases and injured had wounds Highly decomposed.” Worms appeared in some of them because hospital doctors lacked equipment and medicine. “In the northern Gaza Strip, there is a severe shortage of medical personnel, with 65 health department personnel injured due to Israel’s brutal bombing of the Las Vegas Strip

In turn, Gaza’s Health Ministry announced a “total collapse” of hospitals due to Israel’s ongoing war against Gaza since October 7.

Health ministry spokesman Ashraf Kudela told a news conference that Gaza’s hospitals were “completely collapsed as a result of Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip,” noting that “the fact that the doors of hospitals are still open does not mean that they are working for A flood of wounded service” flowed into them. ”

From the rotting wounds, worms grew… the wounded in Gaza

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