Alleged €28 million Russian luxury car export scene prompts German arrests – media — RT World News

German emergency services and police carried out raids on several places linked to a gang said to be smuggling luxury cars into Russia, German media outlet RBB24 reported.

On Tuesday, seven private addresses and companies in Berlin and the state of Brandenburg were searched on behalf of the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor's Office (Oder), as well as a bank safe deposit box, according to a joint statement issued by the customs investigation in Berlin and Brandenburg. Berlin Police Office.

The report said that three suspects, aged between 25, 49 and 52 years, were arrested, while money, real estate and vehicles worth more than one million euros ($1.09 million) were confiscated.

She added that the gang members are accused of selling more than 400 cars worth more than 28 million euros ($30.6 million) to Russia since June 2022 under the pretext of exporting them to Belarus. According to the investigation, the suspects deliberately violated the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia due to its military campaign against Ukraine.

The average value of each car involved was around €70,000 (US$76,511), while restrictions explicitly prohibit the export of cars to Russia at prices above €50,000 (US$54,650).

According to RBB24, gang members face at least two years in prison if convicted.

In January, German website ZDF reported that smugglers were taking luxury cars to Belarus via Poland and Lithuania, then transporting them to Russia. The outlet said Telegram channels in the sanctioned country are filled with offers for German cars worth well over 50,000 euros ($54,650).

ZDF noted that this became possible due to loopholes in the sanctions regime, where luxury goods such as sports cars are allowed to be exported to Belarus. There are no trade or transport restrictions between Russia and Belarus, which is one of Moscow's closest trading and political partners.

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