Transgender broadcaster reports J.K. Rowling to police — RT World News

The Harry Potter author has threatened to file a harassment lawsuit in response to the ongoing controversy

British police confirmed they had received a complaint after a transgender broadcaster said she reported Harry Potter author JK Rowling for… “Disinformation” Reuters reported that the comments on social networking sites.

In an interview on Wednesday, India Willoughby, a British transgender journalist and reality TV personality, claimed Rowling committed a hate crime by misleading her, and said she had contacted the police over Rowling's comments on X (formerly Twitter).

Willoughby, who became the first openly transgender host on the popular talk show “Lose Women,” was referring to a comment Rowling made earlier this week in response to another X user. “India has not become a woman. India is wearing a misogynistic male fantasy about what a woman is. Rowling wrote.

“Calling a trans person a man, knowing deliberately that that person is a woman – and I am a woman no matter what JK Rowling says… My birth certificate says female, my passport, all my documents say, I am legally recognized as a trans person.” “A woman, and JK Rowling deliberately, and this is the key word, mistreating me knowing who I am is extremely offensive.” Willoughby, who is also a former contestant on Celebrity Big Bother, told independent news publisher Byline TV.

Rowling rejected the claim, saying that holding gender-critical views is not a crime. The famous writer turned to X to accuse Willoughby of “obsessed targeting” Which “It may amount to legal harassment.” She also pointed to a recent court case that established that gender-critical views are a protected philosophical belief under British equality law.

Rowling went so far as to describe Willoughby as… “A classic example of a narcissistic male who lives in a constant state of rage.”

This comes as part of a years-long social media feud between Willoughby and Rowling, who repeatedly refer to the TV character as… “he” On social media.

Rowling has become a controversial figure on transgender issues and the definition of women. This has drawn her criticism from some transgender activists and celebrities, including the stars of the Harry Potter films, but has earned her vocal support from women's rights activists.

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