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White House representative John Kirby did not appreciate the Russian President's praise

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters at the White House, after Russian President Vladimir Putin praised his American counterpart Joe Biden, that Russia should completely stay away from the American elections.

In an interview with a Russian journalist on Wednesday, Putin said that he prefers Biden to win the November elections, because he is more experienced and predictable.

“I think Mr. Biden – no, I'm sorry, I think Mr. Putin knows very well what this administration has been doing to counter Russia's malign influence around the world and certainly what they have been doing inside Ukraine.” Kirby said at the White House on Thursday in response to a question about the Russian leader's apparent support.

“Mr. Putin should stay out of our elections.” Kirby added.

The retired US Navy Admiral previously spoke on behalf of the State Department and the Pentagon, before coming to the White House as spokesman for Biden's National Security Council. He often briefs reporters on foreign policy matters, leaving domestic policy to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Putin appeared to support Biden in a meeting with Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin in Moscow. When asked about the imminent US elections, he said it would be inappropriate for Russia to interfere in an internal US matter. When Zarubin asked whether he would prefer to see Biden or his rival Donald Trump in the White House, Putin answered directly.

“Biden. He is a more experienced and predictable person, an old-fashioned politician. But we will work with any leader who enjoys the trust of the American people.” He said.

Putin even made excuses for Biden's alleged cognitive impairment, saying he saw no sign of it when they met in Geneva in mid-2021.

Biden, 81, refused to take a cognitive test as part of his annual medical examination. Earlier this week, the special prosecutor investigating his illegal retention of classified documents while he was Barack Obama's vice president described Biden as… “An old man with a weak memory” He is unlikely to be convicted by a jury in Washington, D.C.

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