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The US President appeared to disavow this controversial step just one day after it was taken

US President Joe Biden rejected criticism over his annual declaration of March 31 as Transgender Visibility Day, which this year coincided with Easter. But his critics viewed the president's vague statements on the issue as a flat denial of the step he took just a day earlier.

Biden was subjected to pressure from journalists who asked him about the criticism expressed by Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, who called for this step. “Heinous and abhorrent movements that violate traditions.”

The President stated that the speaker was “Not at all informed” On this matter, he produced what appeared to be a flat denial to a follow-up question about Johnson's veracity “Uninformed.”

I did not do that.

The remarks reignited criticism, with Johnson taking to X (formerly Twitter) to mock the president and posting a screenshot of Biden declaring March 31 as Transgender Visibility Day.

“Is that you, Joe Biden?” The speaker wrote.

But some interpreted the president's statements as an attempt to clarify that he was not the one who introduced the tradition in the first place, and not as a denial of his move.

This declaration dates back to 2009, when President Barack Obama made it shortly after taking office, marking March 31 as Transgender Visibility Day. This date will not coincide with Easter for decades to come.

The White House appeared to support that position as well, with press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisting that any backlash to the president's move was unacceptable. “wrong information”.

“I was very surprised by the misinformation out there about this and I want to be very clear: Every year for the past several years on March 31, Transgender Visibility Day is celebrated.” She stated that the nature of the situation was clear “For people who understand braces and how they work.”

“Easter falls on different Sundays, right, every year, and this year it happened to coincide with Transgender Visibility Day. And that's the simple truth. This is what happened. This is where we are,” She explained.

However, the issue has sparked a firestorm of criticism from prominent Christians and conservatives alike, further exacerbated by the fact that the Biden administration has chosen to ban children participating in an Easter egg design contest from using religious-themed designs.

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