Blast rocks Iran’s key gas pipeline (VIDEOS) — RT World News

A huge fireball and plume of smoke were captured in videos circulating online

A major explosion occurred in a gas pipeline in central Iran, Mehr News Agency reported, citing local officials. Assessment teams were sent to the area to inspect the damage.

The explosion occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning near the city of Burojin, about 64 kilometers south of the capital of the Shahr-e Kurd region, according to what Mehr Agency quoted the local administration of the city and fire officials as saying.

“The terrible sound and then the fire was caused by the explosion of the country’s main gas transmission line (Line 65) between the Halvai corridor and the Beldagi highway. Fortunately, up to this moment no one was hurt or harmed. There were no casualties.” Ismail Yazdani, commander of the fire department and security services in Brujen, was quoted as saying.

Footage circulated on social media allegedly shows the aftermath of the explosion, where a bright fireball and a tower of smoke were seen rising into the sky.

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