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Camera Showdown between iPhone 15 Pro Max and Galaxy S24 Ultra – which flagship can win?

People agree that cameras are what separates good phones from the best phones. This is what makes the iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S24 Ultra camera showdown so interesting on so many levels, thanks in part to how they can be in line with the best camera phones when they’re officially released.

Apple’s Wonderlust event is going in full force now that the September 12th date is official, and it’s where we’ll likely get to know the iPhone 15 lineup — including the latest model of the line in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Whether Apple decides to name it by this name, or perhaps it changes the name to the iPhone 15 Ultra moniker, there is no denying that this advanced phone will be accompanied by new cameras that can help it overthrow the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the current camera. King of the phone.

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