Houthis announce launch of missiles at Eilat target, Israel confirms opposition

spokesperson announced Houthis Yemen posted on its Telegram platform yesterday Wednesday that it launched a batch of missiles at a military base in the Israeli city of Eilat, but the Israeli occupying forces expressed objections. cruise missile It launches towards the city.

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarri said the group today fired winged missiles at “Israeli entities in Umm Rash (Eilat) in southern occupied Palestine.”

He added: “The Yemeni armed forces will continue to carry out military operations until the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people… Gaza And the West Coast. “

“An Israeli Air Force fighter jet successfully intercepted a cruise missile launched towards Israel following reports of enemy aircraft penetrating into the area of ​​the Red Sea city of Eilat in the south of the country,” the Israeli military said in a statement.

Earlier on Wednesday, an alert was sounded in Eilat on the Red Sea coast after a suspected drone infiltration.

The missile attack came days after the Houthis announced on Monday that they had hijacked a ship owned by an Israeli businessman in the Red Sea, seized the vessel and its international crew and brought it to the coast of Yemen on Sunday. Previously, they threatened to target Israeli ships.

In a related context, the Yemeni navy said they would continue “military operations against the ships and interests of Israel’s enemies until Israel ceases its aggression in Gaza and its crimes against the Palestinian people.”

It reiterated that it targeted “vessels flying the Israeli flag, managed by Israeli companies or owned by Israelis.” In a statement, it warned “all companies and businessmen not to use Israeli vessels to transport goods and interests or to conduct transactions with them.”

In recent weeks, the Houthis have launched drones and missiles at Israel.

On the 9th of this month, the Israeli army used the “Arrow 3” anti-missile system for the first time to intercept projectiles launched “from the Red Sea area”, while the Houthi armed forces said they fired ballistic missiles at Israel.

According to the Pentagon, on October 20, a U.S. Navy ship shot down missiles and drones launched by the Houthi armed forces towards Israel in the Red Sea.

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