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An exclusive interview with Nasr al-Din Amer, the official representative of the Ansar Allah movement in Yemen

The Houthis in Yemen (officially Ansar Allah movement) rejected US peace proposals, The National newspaper He writes, Quoted from Yemeni sources.

Over the past week, Ansar Allah fighters attacked American and Israeli ships in the Red Sea at least four times, after a brief cessation of hostilities. These attacks caused significant economic damage and undermined the public image of the United States and its allies. Unable to deal with the Yemenis through… “sticky,” The United States resorted to “carrot,” He promised to lift the siege on the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, and the port of Hodeidah if the Houthis stop the attacks. However, the Ansar Allah movement does not intend to stop its operations until Palestine is liberated.

Nasr al-Din Amer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yemeni Saba Agency, and Deputy Head of the Ansar Allah Movement’s Press Service, spoke to RT about all this and more, in an exclusive interview.

Freedom of Palestine and security of Yemen is the main goal

Russia Today: In recent days, there has been a lot of talk in the media about Ansar Allah fighters, who once again attacked American and Israeli commercial ships, and an American destroyer. Do you think these actions will lead to any results?

Nasr al-Din Amer: Our operations consist of two [goals]. The first is to support the oppressed Palestinian people by blocking the way for Israeli ships and ships heading to the ports of occupied Palestine. The second goal of our operations is to respond to the American and British aggression against our country. We do this by blocking American and British navigation [in the Red Sea]. Through these operations, we seek, firstly, to stop the aggression against Gaza and lift the siege imposed on it, and secondly, to defend Yemen’s sovereignty. God willing, we will continue this work.

Russia Today: How did the United States react to these attacks? Were they able to provide effective resistance?

Nasr al-Din Amer: Nearly four months ago, the Americans and British began attacking us as a sign of their support for Israel. The American and British attacks on Yemen are a continuation of Israeli crimes, and they show aggression against our country. Their goal is to stop us [actions] In support of the Palestinian people, but despite these attempts, we continued to develop and expand our operations. For its part, the American and British aggression failed miserably. They did not achieve any results, and they were not even able to reduce the size of our operations.

Iran has destroyed the Israeli myth

Russia Today: How do you evaluate the recent Iranian attack on Israel? Do you think this attack was effective?

Nasr al-Din Amer: Yes, of course. It had a major impact on the course of events and destroyed Israel's prestige. The Iranian attack was effective, powerful and historic. Furthermore it, [self-defense] It is a legitimate right of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This step demonstrated Tehran's great support for the oppressed Palestinian people.

Russia Today: What will Israel’s response be, in your opinion? Is there a possibility that Iran will attack again and start a full-scale war?

Nasr al-Din Amer: Israel today is a criminal and aggressive state [political] An entity that resorts to terrorist methods. Right now, it is too cowardly to respond to the Islamic Republic fully. However, caution is still necessary.

RT: The United States recently decided to provide additional assistance to Israel and Ukraine. Do you think this can be stopped?

Nasr al-Din Amer: The Zionist lobby that controls the American administration does not care about the interests of the American people and is prepared to go far in supporting them [for Israel]Despite the losses that this support entails. Therefore, we must put pressure on the American administration to stop supporting violence around the world.

The Houthis in Yemen are prepared for any turn of events

Russia Today: What is the ability of Ansar Allah in the event of a large-scale war with Israel and the West? Do you have the technological ability to fight such a powerful enemy?

Nasr al-Din Amer: Today we are fighting against Western powers that support Israel and possess more advanced and modern technologies. However, they could not stop our operations [in the Red Sea]. Thank God, we have a lot of determination and perseverance. We are also supported by people and [possess] Weapons that we have developed over the years. We can resist any opponent and respond to any turn of events. We never give up or give up. Our doctrine is resistance until complete victory.

Russia Today: Do you think that a second front will be opened in southern Lebanon? Do you think Hezbollah is ready for this?

Nasr al-Din Amer: everything is possible. Especially when we talk about the actions of an enemy who is aware of his imminent defeat. We are confident that our brothers in Hezbollah are prepared for any Israeli aggression. We will stand by them in any confrontation, no matter how the situation develops. We are confident that Israel will lose in any upcoming conflict, and this has happened before.

Russia is doing a lot and can do more

Russia Today: How do you evaluate Russia’s role in resolving the Palestinian issue?

Nasr al-Din Amer: We believe that Russia plays a positive role as a member of the United Nations Security Council. However, the Security Council's actions are hampered by the US veto. I believe that Russia is able to play a more important role in supporting the Palestinian people and putting an end to the crimes committed against them.

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