Israeli analysts and experts: Hamas will not kneel, has proven it controls arena news


Analysts, former military personnel and Israeli media professionals say what happened after some 50 days of war confirms… islamic resistance movement (Hamas) remains strong and operational, stressing that its conditions were imposed during the current truce.

Channel 12 reporter Ehud Shimo said that Hamas is adopting a policy of extending the truce and de-escalating the war until it stops because it has proven that after 49 days of war, it is still strong and controls the battlefield. .

He added: “It’s not easy to say these things, but they are true because… izdin qassam brigade It succeeded in achieving ceasefires in the north and south, even in areas that were supposed to cut off any contact. “

Shimo said that even the process of managing the release of detainees was seen as a purely military operation, as they brought the released detainees to Khan Younis at a designated time and agreed place, and Khan Younis appeared to be The second capital, as he puts it, is Hamas after Gaza.

Shimo concluded that all of the above “means that Hamas will not give in anytime soon.”

Another guest said he did not know whether Israel would fall back into war after the truce or whether it would surrender, but stressed that surrender would mean the collapse of a government that had no reason to exist, adding, “They don’t understand, This is a religious conflict that has lasted for more than 120 years, andYahya Sanwar “He’s not stupid, he taught us a lesson.”

As for the former head of the occupying army’s intelligence department and reserve general Tamir Heyman, he said, “We know the sarcasm and cruelty of the other side (Hamas), and we will tighten our nerves every day. We need time to understand the benefits of this deal. And the bad.”

Heyman added, “We only know what we have on our hands, but we don’t know what alternatives exist, but we need to negotiate during the war and when we know the alternatives, we will know whether the deal is a good one.” “.

Heyman believes that Israel is currently “caught in Sinwar’s caricature and his cruel circus”, but stressed that “there is no better second agreement to serve as a benchmark”.

Heyman said that “nothing is perfect” and that the government “has successfully reached the best deal so far”.

Former National Security Council Chairman Giora Eiland said that the disturbing and shocking thing that the Israeli media did not pay attention to was that the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He told a news conference that the Red Cross would visit prisoners and detainees who had not yet been released, but that had not yet happened.

He added that “now Qatar, Hamas, Egypt, the United States and the Red Cross do not recognize this as part of the agreement,” considering that the matter is “extremely important because history has proven that Red Cross societies around the world, including . .. war of atonement (October 1973) They came back. Many people have not come back to places they have not been to. This element is very vague. “

Regarding the current situation of Hamas, Mikhail Mershtan, a senior researcher at the Institute for Strategic Studies at Reichmann University in Germany, said that the term “breaking point” does not apply to Hamas.

Mlishtan added that the term refers to a country where the military is dispersed at some point, the government stops working, and the public does not listen to anyone, stressing that this “does not apply to Hamas, because it is an authoritative party, It is also a secret party.” Despite the horrific and unjust strikes, the organization has so far managed to function successfully. “

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