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The result of the 1-1 draw between Manchester City and Liverpool does not reflect the progress of the 13th round of the Premier League, because “Manchester City” dominated, controlled and directed the game according to its own wishes, but the “Red Army” stole an opportunity. Based on the number of games played, they don’t deserve points.

Haaland scored for the Citizens in the 27th minute of the first half, and Trent Alexander-Arnold equalized for Liverpool in the 80th minute.

The Norwegian Hurricanes have reached 50 goals in 48 games, breaking the record of former international Andy Cole who reached this number in 65 games.

Haaland (23) also strengthened his lead in the scorer charts (14), four more than Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, who failed to score for Liverpool.

Liverpool are the only team to have consistently challenged Manchester City in recent years, with 10 wins in 23 games in all competitions under German coach Jurgen Klopp.

The two teams had an epic battle in the 2018-2019 and 2021-2022 seasons, with Manchester City only leading their opponents by one point both times, while the Reds won their first league title in 30 years in 2020.

Ball control and counterattacks

Match statistics showed that Manchester City had the upper hand as always, with a possession rate of 61%, while Liverpool’s possession rate was 39%. Liverpool handed control and possession to the Citizens for most of the game. , mainly relying on counterattack.

Liverpool’s pressure and possession were not evident until the first fifteen minutes of the second half, after which City fought back and controlled the game throughout.

Manchester City players shot 16 times at Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson, including 5 shots between three sticks, while Liverpool shot at Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson’s goal only half the time, including only 3 shots between three sticks. Manchester City also completed 594 passes. The passing accuracy rate is 90%, while Liverpool has made 396 passes and has an accuracy rate of 81%.

However, Liverpool managed to equalize on a counter-attack when the ball found its way to Mohamed Salah, who passed it to Alexander-Arnold, who came up from behind and fired the ball to Ederson’s right.

Lineups that reflect the style of play

Manchester City entered the field in a 3-4-3 formation. Guardiola was very successful in selecting Dutchman Nathan Ake to replace Gascog Gvaldiol on the right side of the defense. The Dutchman successfully stopped Egyptian star Mohamed Sala. The danger of He. , and greatly reduced the efficiency of the Red Army’s left-wing offensive line. big.

Pep was also entitled to rely on Belgian winger Doku as he dominated the left side of the pitch and manipulated Trent Alexander-Arnold – who had one of his worst games of the game despite scoring the equalizer. one.

On the other hand, Liverpool coach Klopp chose a 4-3-3 formation.

In fact, the selection of Englishman Curtis Jones instead of Dutchman Ryan Gravenberg was a surprise, with Klopp rectifying this in the second half and replacing Jones with the Dutchman, who was unavailable for the game Offer too much help and it’s easy to fall prey to your opponents. Manchester City’s midfield controlled the tone of the game.

Portuguese Diego Jota missed the game due to injury and was replaced by Colombian Luis Diaz, who used his movements to revitalize Liverpool’s right front.

Alisson Becker’s fatal mistake

Although Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker intercepted many dangerous balls, he made fatal errors when passing the ball, one of which led to Manchester City’s only goal.

Only 11 minutes after the opening whistle, Alisson Becker accidentally passed the ball to Foden. Foden shot in the penalty area, but was blocked by the Brazil international and almost scored the Citizens’ first goal.

In the 19th minute of the first half, Alisson made a series of mistakes again. The blue camp continued to put more and more pressure on the Red Army goal. Alisson hesitated to pass the ball to a player in front or disperse the ball, so haha. Rand put heavy pressure on Becker and he would have almost scored the first goal if not for it, but the Brazilian managed to clear the ball in the final moments.

The fatal mistake occurred when Alisson grabbed the ball in front of the Manchester City forward and wanted to send the ball forward quickly to launch a quick counterattack, but his cross was weak and failed to reach any Liverpool players, and the Manchester City players also Come here. Manchester City’s only goal.

Nathan Ake thwarts Salah danger

Guardiola was absolutely right to select Nathan Ake on the right side of the defence, allowing him to keep an eye on Salah, and the Dutchman managed to resolve all duels with the Egypt international.

Salah failed to get past Aki throughout the game, leaving the Reds clearly thwarted for much of the first and second half.

To overcome this problem, Salah stopped trying to evade Ake or pass the ball in the second half and began to quickly and deceptively pass the ball to his teammates. In this way, Al Masri successfully bypassed Ake’s fierce marking and equalized. score. Arnold in the 80th minute.

Doku controls the right front line

Although Belgian Jeremy Doku has started just seven of City’s 12 league games, he has carried the ball 31 times, more than any other player in the Premier League this season.

On the field, Alexander-Arnold lost his way in front of Doku’s skills. Doku successfully manipulated him many times, posing a great threat to Becker’s goals, and he is also one of the main keys to the performance of Guardiola’s team. one.

In fact, Trent Alexander-Arnold’s right wing was a major weakness in Klopp’s side and City managed to exploit this, scoring the only goal of the game which they should have won if not for the haste and recklessness of their players. . Their players are in front of the goal.

The unfair draw helped Liverpool more than Manchester City, but also gave Arsenal a golden opportunity to lead the league after a clean win over Bentford.

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