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My eSIM disaster: Upgrading to an iPhone 15 or Pixel 8 can be a mess

There was a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth when Apple announced its launch iPhone 14 eSIM was only in the last year. The presentation by Apple made it sound so convenient that everything will happen digitally and you don’t have to worry about the physical SIM or card tools anymore, it just works! But in the words of Dr. Seuss, “Except when they don’t. Because sometimes they won’t.

In this case, the places to go are your carrier’s store or wait for customer service and see if they can help you over the phone (assuming you have another working phone). Now, if something goes wrong with the physical SIM card, that’s a trip to the carrier store too, but in nearly 15 years of owning phones that use SIM cards, I haven’t come across that yet. The crux of the eSIM problem lies in the activation and if anything goes wrong with the back end of your account.

We’ve seen a lot of the former after the release of the iPhone 14, so I wanted to look at one example there as a new wave of eSIM-only phones such as iPhone 15 And maybe Google Pixel 8 It’s coming soon, and I’m not convinced carriers have gotten much better at this. And the last is the issue I ran into where my daughter’s phone needed to switch to an eSIM and ended up ruining both my phone and hers in the process, and I’ll touch on that exciting experience last.

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