Pentagon wants $6.5 billion to plug Ukraine arms holes – Bloomberg — RT World News

US military aid to Kiev has caused the depletion of its weapons stocks, with the stock of funds approved by Congress running out.

The Pentagon has asked Congress to allocate at least $6.5 billion to replenish its stockpiles, which have been depleted after two years of ongoing arms deliveries to Ukraine, according to a document seen by Bloomberg.

The Pentagon stressed the urgency and included priority spending in its replenishment proposals it sent to Congress last month. mentioned Thursday.

The shopping list reportedly includes a wide range of weapons, ammunition and components vital to the production of 155mm shells, HARM anti-radar missiles, Patriot interceptor missiles, GMLRS missiles and TOW anti-tank missiles.

While the Pentagon estimated its immediate replenishment needs at $6.5 billion, several US media reports earlier this week indicated the total shortfall could reach at least $6.5 billion. 10 billion dollars. Unless the deficiency is compensated “continuous hole” One source told Politico that this would put pressure on the US military.

Washington had provided more than $75 billion in cash and equipment for Ukraine's war effort by the end of last year, far exceeding other Western donors, but deliveries stopped after the stockpile of funds approved by Congress dried up.

The White House requested more than $60 billion in supplemental aid for Ukraine, but the Republican-controlled House of Representatives blocked repeated calls from US President Joe Biden to release the funds. Biden blamed US lawmakers for Kiev's recent battlefield losses, including the fall of Avdiivka last month to Russian forces.

Despite running out of money, the White House found enough “Unexpected savings” At the Pentagon to announce a new aid package worth up to $300 million this week. The Pentagon still has the authority to send $4 billion in aid to Ukraine, but Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has so far been reluctant to tap that fund without guarantees that US lawmakers will replace the money.

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