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A Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman said that Washington is using disturbing external threats as an excuse for military expansion

The Chinese military said that the United States is leading a dangerous campaign to militarize outer space, considering that the Pentagon represents the greatest threat to peace and security on the final frontier.

In response to a question to respond to recent warnings made by US officials regarding Beijing's growing arsenal of nuclear weapons “Anti-satellite weapons” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Zhang Xiaogang told reporters that it is Washington, not the People's Republic of China, that seeks to turn space into a future battlefield.

“The United States uses so-called threats from other countries as an excuse to expand its military power, and China strongly opposes this. As we all know, the United States defines space as a ‘combat zone’, develops and deploys offensive space weapons… and even maliciously tracks spacecraft.” Space objects belonging to other countries come dangerously close to them, creating the risk of collision with space objects. He said during a press conference on Thursday.

This has become the greatest driver of the militarization and fieldization of space, and the greatest threat to space security.

Zhang was apparently responding to comments by US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall, who has repeatedly stressed the alleged threat posed by Beijing as its military continues to develop and modernize. Earlier this month, the official warned that Washington was “Finished” To keep up with the Chinese forces, considering that future war was inevitable.

“We can no longer consider conflict as a distant possibility or a future problem that we may have to confront. The risk of conflict exists now and this risk will increase over time. Kendall said.

In a memo issued last September to the US Space Force – the Pentagon's newest branch – Kendall also raised alarms about potential Chinese incursions into space, saying that Beijing… “Significantly expand its nuclear force and military space capabilities. We cannot maintain deterrence by standing idly by.”

In recent weeks, US officials and lawmakers have helped fuel media reports that Russia similarly intends to deploy military equipment in orbit. However, Moscow categorically denied this accusation, as President Vladimir Putin called for it “Incorrect” During a national speech on Thursday. The Kremlin leader added that such allegations were just an American attempt to drag Russia into arms control negotiations that would exclusively benefit Washington.

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