Western demands for UN to discuss Iran attack are ‘hypocrisy’ – Moscow — RT World News

The Russian ambassador said that the failure to condemn the Israeli bombing of Tehran's consulate in Syria led to the recent violence

Russia's ambassador to the world body claimed that the UN Security Council helped provoke Saturday's Iranian attack against Israel by hypocritically failing to take action on the illegal bombing that sparked recent violence in the region.

“What happened on the night of April 14 did not happen in a vacuum.” Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia Tell Members of the UN Security Council on Sunday. He added, “The steps taken by Iran came in response to the shameful inaction on the part of this council.”

The topic of discussion was the missile attack that occurred on April 1, which led to the death of seven Iranian military officers, including two senior commanders, at Tehran’s consulate in Damascus. Western members of the Security Council stood in the way of rebuking Israel over the issue “Scandalous attack” The Russian envoy said that this constitutes a violation of international law regarding the inviolability of diplomatic facilities.

He added: “We called on our colleagues in the UN Security Council to clearly and unequivocally condemn such reckless steps to ensure that they are not repeated.” Nebenzia noted. He added: “We also warned that if this does not happen, the risk of a recurrence of such actions and general escalation in the region will double.” he added, “The result is now clear for all to see.”

Iran launched hundreds of suicide drones and missiles against Israel on Saturday evening. West Jerusalem claimed to have succeeded in intercepting 99% of the rocket shells and preventing major casualties or damage to infrastructure.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry responded by calling for this “Painful punishments” Against Iran, as well as classifying the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Tehran as a terrorist organization. An emergency session of the United Nations Security Council was held to discuss the attack.

Nebenzia compared the Council's concern about protecting Western countries and their allies with its inaction when Israel bombed the Iranian consulate. “We know very well that an attack on a diplomatic representation is a casus belli under international law. If a Western representation had been attacked, you would have been immediately showered with reprisals.”

However, he added, “When it comes to other countries, their rights – including the right to self-defense – well, that's a different matter, as she likes to say… What we are witnessing is a display of hypocrisy and double standards that is almost embarrassing to us.” He watches.”

Nebenzia said the United States, the United Kingdom and France essentially refused to assert that basic principles of international law regarding diplomatic facilities apply equally to all countries. Meanwhile, Israel has faced no consequences for ignoring UN resolutions, including last month's demand for a ceasefire in Gaza.

He added: “We believe that it is necessary for the entire international community to make all necessary efforts to calm the situation.” The ambassador said. “Otherwise, the region could be drawn into a vicious cycle of mutual attacks and violence.”

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