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When will Apple’s September 2023 event be? iPhone 15 release date, how to watch, and expected announcements

Apple has announced the date of its launch event in September, when it is sure to unveil its latest phone, iPhone 15, to the world.

The event has been named “Wanderlust,” and as always, Apple hasn’t given us any information about what it will actually include.

However, the fact that the new iPhone will land in September – as it does every year – is a given, and thanks to several dedicated Apple investigators, there are also plenty of rumors about what upgrades the phone might come with – from an improved version of the camera to a charging port. Renewed.

When will the Apple launch event be?

Apple’s launch event will be on Tuesday, September 12th Starts from 10 AM PT (6 PM GMT) From Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. It usually lasts about an hour.

You can watch the live broadcast of the event on aapple channel on youtubethe Apple website or on the Apple TV app.

Since Apple always releases new iPhones for sale on Fridays, and based on past patterns, this means that we can be relatively certain that the iPhone 15 will be available for sale on Fridays. Pre-order starting Friday, September 15and you will be able to buy it Online and in store from Friday 22 September.

What can we expect from the iPhone 15?

Apple is set to launch four phones again: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

One of the biggest changes expected is the charging port. This is something we knew was coming, given new EU regulations on standardization that will come into force in December 2024 and are designed to reduce e-waste. Apple’s Lightning port is slated to be replaced with a regular USB-C port, bringing the iPhone in line with other smartphones.

In terms of the screen, the “dynamic island” frame currently reserved for its larger models is expected to replace the notch on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

The design rarely changes much from one iPhone to the next, however MacRumors Reports indicate that the Pro models will see an upgrade to titanium frames, slimmer bezels, and some minor design changes with more curved edges for the device, while the Ultra will get periscope lens technology to improve camera zoom.

He also notes that Apple plans to use Qualcomm’s modem chips for the new devices because its own modem chips, which are under development, aren’t quite ready.

As for colors, it’s rumored to be dark pink and light blue this time around, along with the standard black, white and PRODUCT(RED) standard options.

Despite rumors that Apple may bring Touch ID back to its iPhones, leaks seem to show that the iPhone 15 will continue to use Face ID instead.

While the price is unknown, rumors are circulating that it will be similar to the iPhone 14 when it is launched.

What can Apple announce?

Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra, the second generation.

These watches are not expected to feature any major differences from the current models. bloomberg Apple Insider, Mark GornamHe said: “The device is preparing for a more modest year after the big changes in 2022, when the first Apple Watch Ultra debuted. There are plans for a major update of the watch’s hardware in 2024, complete with a larger, custom-designed display.

However, watchOS 10, which these devices will ship with, will come with several new apps and new options for watch faces.

There are also rumors surrounding the Vision Pro, the mixed reality headset Apple announced in June, and the possibility of a brand new set of AirPods.

These AirPods are expected to come with a USB-C charging port, to match the new iPhones.

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