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No one has ever given Asma al-Assad the title of Iron Woman before, and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was also unique during her reign. She truly deserves this title due to her domestic and foreign policies.

If the meaning of the title was positive, it might seem like a loose description of the name, but the meaning of this title here is different.

As everyone in Syria knows, since the death of Anisa Makhlouf, the wife of “shadow ruler” Hafez Assad, Asma Assad has erased her mother-in-law's biography with black ink, arresting The Syrian regime's joints were blocked. The state controls the economy with an iron fist and even ousts Bashar al-Assad himself.

Whenever he was in a public place and wanted to talk about her presence, he would say: “Asma and I.” In every word and everything the president said to the public, the first The lady's name must appear first.

Asma al-Assad was able to control the country through a long and precise plan that dealt with all her opponents, especially all those who sought refuge in Anissa, whether by bloodline, such as “Lami” Makhlouf and his father,” or simply through interests, of which there are many, including the Assad family and its offshoots.

It seems that in recent times, Asma has become the target of fierce criticism from those in the opposition after taking control of her opponents, confiscating their money, removing them from the “economic” stage, and dominating everything. Interests were compromised and expanded to include some activists who were looking for hooks to comment on. Asma seems to be the scapegoat for the catastrophes and catastrophes happening in a country far away from Assad, but also in order to clear his name from everything that is going on.

This time the ram is not weak, but more ferocious and powerful than the opponent imagined. With his supreme power, Assad almost seems like a shadow of her, a follower at best.

Oppression is the policy of the strong and the weak

Since the Baath Party came to power and the elder Assad ruled, Syria's policy has been based on repressing the people. Since then, Syrian history has been reduced to a single language to which more than half of the regime was dedicated and worked. one century.

Asma al-Assad did not deviate from this system in her treatment of her opponents, regardless of their status, strength and standing among the people.

Recently, lawyer (and businessman) Samer Rajab, who is married to a relative of Assad, was arrested for insulting Asma on his Facebook page. A belief has developed among the loyal population – purely sectarian rather than nationally motivated – that Asma is the one who rules and controls the country's capabilities.

Samer Rajab seemed unaware of Asmaa's true power when he insulted her, as his personal interests were compromised and he believed – albeit with some suspicion to be guilty – that he The supportive Assad family was able to protect him from escaping from the Silk Teeth!

Samer is not alone, as all criticism from loyalists holds Asma al-Assad responsible for the worsening economy and hunger sweeping across regime areas, largely due to her greed and her past resentments for her Anisa suffered hatred and was marginalized in the family before her death.

Some activists also made it clear that everything Asma Assad is doing is an act of revenge, and her wounds have not healed yet. No one knows what will happen to national affairs and the economy because of this. She has this tendency to seek revenge. The conflict moved from the narrow confines of the presidential palace between the president's mother and his wife to the sphere of public life, showing the ferocity of Asma al-Assad's vengeance against everyone under Anissa's tent.

“Emma Till”

One form of this revenge was Asma al-Assad taking over Rami Makhlouf's entire telecommunications company and renaming it “Emma Tel”.

The particular choice of the name Emma was not absurd, for it was Asma Akhlas's favorite name and the nickname given to her by her friends in London before her marriage. Some people link her name to that of the heroine in French writer Flaubert's novel Emma Bovary, and her fame put Flaubert himself on trial.

Emma's story in the novel may not be similar to the story of “The President” as proposed by many international agencies. But these two characters have many common characteristics. The first one is “greed, greed, love of money, love of appearance, and love of fame.”

Asma al-Assad’s fate scenario

Activists on social media are wondering what the outcome of this brutal campaign against Asma al-Assad might be. The vision they present may seem impossible, but against the backdrop of the chaos that exists in Syria and the madness that controls the country and its people, anything is possible. One of them asked: (Could there be some kind of end to this movement? An assassination by an affected party, or an assassination planned by Bashar himself to silence members of his sect?)

These scenarios did not come out of nowhere. Throughout history, women who ruled people in this way did not have a good fate, and most did not die of natural causes.

But Asma appears to be following in the footsteps of Imelda Marcos, who was able to return to the Philippines and gain many privileges despite her extravagance and greed during her husband's rule in the Philippines.

As for the fate of Ceausescu's wife Elena, she excluded it from the imagination. Although the situation in Syria is similar to that in Romania, both are oppression and tyranny, with wives in power. The Roman people sentenced her and her husband to death.

Will Assad's wife witness Rome's fate in the future? Or will the affected party risk being accused of an assassination attempt by an extremist faction? Or will the international system continue to suppress the Syrian people and give them a good reason to survive?

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